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Position with conditions

God ordained and placed the Levites, Aaron's decedents, to be the priests. It was supposed to be an established well provided for position forever. But He also set up clear, strict laws that they were to follow in their lives and ministry.

Hophni and Phinehas were Eli's sons. They were priest, a position promised to their family. Their father was a faithful judge and priest. His son's, however, stole offerings/sacrifices that were given by the people to God. They were allotted a portion by God Himself, but they were not satisfied with that. They wanted more. They also were involved in sexual sins right there at the Tabernacle.

I was young and now I am old. I have observed through the years that many offspring of ministers may have a call on their life, but they refuse to be satisfied with what God provides them and refuse to live by God's law. Their parents may recognize their sin and may even scold but they fall short of dealing with them or removing them from the position. God fearing workers under these offspring are many times over worked, misused, disillusioned, and unrewarded. Therefore, like Eli and his sons, they fatally mistake God's mercy for approval. But one day Mercy left and Eli and his sons died and the family was cut off from ministry and cursed.

I recognize as a parent that it would be hard to fire your child. But this a serious, serious thing. To ignore their sins will cause death and a curse. It opens a door for the enemy to be victorious and for the Spirit of the Lord to leave the whole ministry. "I have warned him that judgment is coming upon his family forever, because his sons are blaspheming God and he hasn’t disciplined them. So I have vowed that the sins of Eli and his sons will never be forgiven by sacrifices or offerings.” (‭1 Samuel‬ ‭3‬:‭1, 13-14‬ NLT)

I am afraid for the life of some son's as well as some ministry parents who remained faithful themselves but continue to make exceptions for their children. Ichabod is about to be written and I grieve.

So why do you scorn my sacrifices and offerings? Why do you give your sons more honor than you give me—for you and they have become fat from the best offerings of my people Israel! (‭1 Samuel‬ ‭2‬:‭29‬ NLT)

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